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We specialize in Hi-performance bass boat props and setups. All work is done in house. We started working on Trolling Motors in 2010. The company was established in 1985.

In 2012 we introduced the Equalizer a add-on trolling motor assist system that fits most Motorguide Gator mounts.

The Equalizer

Designed by Robbie Patterson. The Equalizer is  a trolling motor assist system that is a must for any Motorguide trolling motor with a Gator mount. (fits most Motorguide Gator mounts) The Equalizer is a add-on accessory that aids in trolling motor deploying and stowing and can reduce the pull weight felt of the motor by over 50%.


The Eliminator (Prop Nut)

Here is the latest addition to our line of innovative add on accessories. This Eliminator custom prop nut aids in removing prop noise/vibration by reducing the prop harmonics, stabilizes the prop by providing a larger contact point, acts as a heat sink reducing the T/M operating temperature (has built in cooling ports) = longer T/M and battery life, large “o’ring aids in noise/vibration dampening plus much more. It is also proudly designed and manufactured here in the U.S.A. It looks pretty sharp too. get yours here.




The Silencer is a “new” offering from the guys over at Propeller Dynamics. Weather you run a Motor Guide or Minn Kota your gonna want to give the Silencer a try. The Silencer greatly dampens mount noise by preventing certain parts of the mount from touching/rubbing each other. Get yours at for about $2

Shinichi Fukae just stopped by and had his Equalizers installed.



We have only run into this a couple of times, If you have issues with clearance on the pivot nut of you mount here is a quick fix.

As we install more and more Equalizers little things start coming up. In this video tip Robbie Patterson explains how to make some minor adjustments if your Equalizers do not line up properly.


Congratulations to Randy Howell 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion

Giving Trolling Motors A Lift

by Steve Chaconas

Unless you have a Minn Kota trolling motor, you do not have lift assist. So what? Well, as trolling motors are being beefed up, and more transducers and noisemakers are being added to the trolling motor, they are getting heavier and heavier! Pulling one up and down, sometimes 50 times a day, is a workout,! The trolling motor landing on the bracket either deployed or back on deck can create a loud enough noise that could disturb fish. Until now, MotorGuide trolling motor users could never have a lift assist to enable easier deployment into the water, to slow the entry into the water and to allow for easy lifting back onto the deck again without slamming into the mount. In reality, anglers aren’t getting younger and trolling motors are getting heavier.

The only choice for MotorGuide owners to have an easy deploy and stow trolling motor was to replace it with a Minn Kota to enjoy the built-in lift assist option. A small Virginia firm specializing in propeller and trolling motor repair began tinkering with the idea of adding some shocks to aid in the lifting and lowering as well as raising and returning it to the deck. Their concept is so well thought out, it has become a do it yourself project with instructions, hardware, videos on line ( and even templates to put the shocks in the right spot! The new Do It Yourself Equalizer shock kit will fit most MotorGuide Trolling motors with Gator mounts.

In the early attempts to construct the Equalizer, Propeller Dynamics owner Robbie Patterson searched for a strong and durable shock that would withstand the lowering and raising and the ride on the bow of a bass boat. His search resulted in a solid lift assist shock and accompanying hardware to ensure a secure and stable installation to provide longevity of use. The shocks for the Equalizer are heavier duty than ones used for boat locker lids, allowing the power for ease of deploying and stowing a trolling motor.

Equalizer schematic

Installation begins by drilling four holes in the mount. In some boats, with a raised console in the bow blocking where the holes are to be drilled, you might need to remove the trolling motor bracket to reach the correct spots to drill the holes STRAIGHT. If so, remove the trolling motor from the bracket as well. The kit includes marine grade stainless steel hardware with step-by-step instructions and there is a link to an instructional video on

A template is included for error free placement for drilling the holes, making this project easy for just about any shade tree mechanic! A photo of the mount is included to enable the installer to locate very specific locations on the MotorGuide mounts. Locations of the BOW ARM, SPRING PIN PIVOT NUT and LOWER MOUNT are clearly recognizable. This will insure the template is lined up properly where the holes are to be drilled.

photo of the equalizer template

Place template on the mount with the large hole over the PIVOT NUT and the small hole over the SPRING PIN. The top of the template must be level with the bow arm. Mark and drill with the mount in the stowed position with a 5/16” drill bit. It’s best to just make a center point drill mark first before drilling the holes. Flipping the mount over, taping the template in place the same way, drill two indentations and put the template away. Using a center punch tapping into the marks made with the drill bit makes it easier to take the extra step of using a 1/16” pilot hole drill bit to make sure the holes are centered and straight. Then finish the 4 holes with the 5/16” drill bit.

photo of nuts being installed for the Equalizer

Next are the ball stud installations. The short ones go on the mount arm and the long ones on the base. Get the short ones started and tighten down on each side. Next put the long ones in tightening only to get threads started. The nuts are nylon locking. Tighten only to the point where the bolt threads are flush with the nut using a box end wrench to hold the nut. Adding a drop of lock tight on the threads when you tighten them down adds security. Snap the shocks on the ball stud. Snug up the bolts with the shocks in place and that’s it! Now MotorGuide owners will have a lift system that looks like it belongs on the motor. Available in red, white, blue and black.

photo of an installed EqualizerOnce installed, the shocks have gas pressure, Robbie warns not to release without a trolling motor as the mount may swing back and cause injury. He also cautions not to put fingers into scissors area either! The Equalizer is easy to install and can reduce the lift weight by 50%. Reduced weight will also allow trolling motor lift ropes to last longer! But most of all, the assistance is pretty important to the “old guys”, while being a back and time saver for every angler at some point! Visit

Equalizer installed on boat trolling motor

NEW PRODUCT: (as read in Woods & Water Magazine)

Robbie Patterson owner of Propeller Dynamics has invented a new product that is the new “must have” for the bass boater that uses MotorGuide trolling motors.  They say that necessity is the mother of invention and that is just what Robbie did.

In 2012 after identifying the need Robbie invented a product called the “Equalizer”.  The Equalizer is an add-on accessory that aids in trolling motor deploying and stowing and can reduce the pull weight felt of the motor by over 50%.  As Robbie was designing the Equalizer visitors to his shop started seeing and hearing about it.  Orders were being placed before the final product was even completed.    In November 2012 it hit the market.  Currently it is on the shelves of several shops, on many internet vendor sites, and of course on which is Robbie’s site.  The standard model lists for $99.99 and if you want one to match the color of your boat they sell for $149.99  There has been a huge interest from the professional anglers who are running Motorguide Trolling Motors and most, including KVD and JVD, will be sporting them in 2014.

What the Customers Say

  • It may not be “worth the money” to the young guys, but is definitely worth it to the old guys!
  • The shocks are really heavy duty way beyond the ones like that on boat hatches.
  • Significantly reduces the felt weight of the motor when deploying and stowing it.
  • Now that’s a slick idea.
  • They are pretty amazing.
  • Well worth the $’s
  • They are awesome and very well priced!
  • A wonderful back saving system for us old goats.
  • This enhancement will help save your back and reduce the probability of having your trolling motor rope fail on the water.
  • Lets just say I am blown away with the ease of use and installation.
  • Trust me guys, its well worth it!
  • It has made a big difference in the effort to deploy or stow the trolling motor.
  • The instructions, template and the parts are first rate.
  • I have had 4 back surgeries making it important to me to find a way to make using the trolling motor easier. This product has done this for me.
  • Great product!
  • Design is very slick and looks like something that “belongs” on the trolling motor.
  • This is one of the most exciting things I have seen lately to add to your boat.
  • What a huge difference it makes in deploying the motor.
  • Made deploying and stowing the motor much easier and for an old fart like me.
  • Works great! Worth every dime of my money.
  • Looks great!
  • I ran one all this season and love it!
  • Awesome product!
  • I recommend it highly!! Money well spent!!!

Trolling Motor Repair

Propeller Dynamics is an authorized service and warranty center for Motorguide, Minn Kota and Watersnake.  We have a great parts inventory and a full line of Trolling Motor accessories.

Propeller Repair Trolling Motor Repair

Specialized Hi-performance lower unit and prop repair please call for an estimate.